How can I cancel my order?

You can contact us by email in the following format: cancel order + your email + Order No. (Order screenshot)

Email address of our store: support@lookyno.com

Our customer service team will get back to you within 12-24 hours(M-F). Please wait for our reply and do not open a PayPal case immediately after placing an order. We will FOR SURE refund you for unfilled orders.

What should I do if the shoes I bought are too big or too small?

We offer free exchanges and return, provided the shoes are not used, When you receive the shoes and try them on, If you want to change the shoe size to a larger or smaller size, please contact us by email. Please send the length of your feet (Please note is your foot length, not US size) to our customer service, she will change the size for you.

Email address of our store: support@lookyno.com

How do I return an item from LookYno?

Please contact our customer service via email support@lookyno.com to ask for help. In most cases, items can be returned within 30 days. Please contact us before returning the item, or we will refuse to deal with it.

When you remove the item from the package, leave everything else in the box and store it somewhere out of the way until you're sure you're keeping it. You may need to return the item in its original packaging, so all the materials and packaging will be there waiting for you if you decide to send it back.

How do I change my order?

To change orders please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. We will endeavour to change your order as requested, this may not always be possible as the item may have already been despatched – in which case you can just send the shoes back to us for an exchange.

Email address of our store: support@lookyno.com

Why did I order two pairs of shoes but only receive one pair?

Because LookYno offers a wide range of shoes, we have dedicated staff for certain styles. To ensure your shoes are shipped as quickly as possible, we sometimes send them in different packages. If you only receive one of these packages, don't worry, the rest will arrive one after another.

My shoes are out of stock, do I get a refund?

You will receive a full refund for any items that we are unable to fulfil.

Can I check the order information if there is no registered member when placing an order?

Yes, You can sign up for a new membership using the same email address you used to purchase the order, and the order information will be synchronized.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you can request a new one to be emailed to you by clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the sign in page. If this fails to resolve your problem, please contact our customer services department.


Do you charge for delivery?

We offer free shipping on all orders.

How long does delivery take?

For US orders, our standard delivery time is 10–15 working days. (70% of orders can be delivered within 10 days); For other destinations please allow around 15 working days.

If you don't see our delivery time when you place your order and are not willing to wait 10-15 days for delivery, please contact us. We will be more than happy to send you a full refund. (Only for orders with items not shipped); If you are willing to wait, you get a nice pair of shoes at a very competitive price :)

Can I nominate a date or time for delivery?

Unfortunately we cannot specify a delivery time for orders.

What happens if I don't receive my order on time?

If your order hasn’t arrived, contact our customer services team who will investigate why your order has not been delivered and do their best to resolve any problems for you.

Email address of our store: support@lookyno.com