About Us

We found that our girls inevitably need to wear high heels for a long time in order to work and socialize. In order to match clothes and maintain their image, have to wear some good-looking but uncomfortable shoes, which will bring different degrees of pressure and damage to the feet.

So we must pay attention to this problem and take precautions to prevent foot injuries, and correct comfortable shoes with corrective functions are essential, so we created lookyno to provide great women compatriots with correct wear Footwear habits and effective, comfortable everyday footwear can prevent or correct foot problems and reduce the chance of complications.

All Lookyno shoes are repeatedly tested before they are put on the shelves to ensure the comfort level before they are put on the shelves. You can also contact our online customer service by email support@lookyno.com for help before you buy to find the right shoes for you.

Lookyno carefully selects powerful suppliers as our partners to provide preferential prices as much as possible while ensuring quality, so that customers who trust us can correct and repair footwork problems with the least amount of money and the shortest time. Customers are satisfied with us is the purpose of our store.

Lookyno offers you a 30-day return policy. If you have any questions, please email support@lookyno.com. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

We hope you are satisfied with your shopping experience at Lookyno.com.

——Loo & Kyno team